CT Brasserie:

A piece of Paris in the heart of Rio

For more than a century delighted diners , from acidental tourists to midnight habitués, have enjoyed some of the world´s best home –style cuisine in the neighborhood brasserie of Paris. Inspired by the spirit that moves these houses, chef Claude Troisgros decided to bring to Rio de Janeiro his view of the french brasserie, carioca style.Opened  on November, 2008 , the CT Brasserie  offers, for starters , hearty composed salads, such as the classic steak tartare or moules marinières. Preeminent among the main courses is the Quinua breaded filet of sole with caramelized banana Baroa Potato Puree. Other suggestions are Creamy Fettucine with white mushrooms, Shitake and Dried Funghi, Popcorned Rice and Risotto with Brie, Jamon and arugula. The highlight of the Restaurant is the open kitchen. The clients can follow the work of the chef at the same time that they look over the stunning view of Pedra da Gávea.